2009 - 2010 TTSN Basic Program Structure
Teams will be established within an online social network community. Each team will consist of at least two mentors, who will be directly partnered with two mentees each, and will be supervised by a teacher leader. Most teams will also include at least one teacher who is in their 2nd or 3rd year as a teacher of record. Over-all program leadership and program accountability wil be shared by DOE and TIE personnel. The teams will work collaboratively within the social network, as well as work on a more private one-to-one basis as appropriate.

SD T2T is a closed network that is open exclusively to invited participants.
The mentoring teams ('state groups') will be accessable ONLY to assigned team members and program leadership. This restricted access fosters the confidentiality of mentoring conversations.
Elective groups (established by participants) will be open to participants and guests who are invited by program leadership.
Program information is available to the general public at this wikispace http://sdttsn.wikispaces.com/ .

Social Network Site: SD T2T Network (This site is private and membership is by invitation only.)

Representative Input from new teachers who participated in 2008-2009 when asked about ways that the network might be improved, included a team concept
  • "I really liked the idea of teams with each member on equal footing. I think whenever you have that, there is an expectation that everyone learns, everyone's practice is improved, and everyone has the responsibility to contribute. That would be an incredible learning experience for me at this point in my career. I need to continue challenging myself and that framework would make it happen."
  • "Maybe not just e-mail, but texting, chatting, other forms of contact."
  • "I believe the group idea will be a benefit to me as well as everyone. Small e-mail groups will be better to give more ideas, as well as increase accountability and encouragement."