October Seminar Feedback

2008-2009 TTSN-DASN End of Year Survey Responses:

  1. In what ways was your classroom practice impacted by your relationship with your online partner?
Complete unedited comments:

Communication with my mentor really relieved a lot of stress for me. She gave me a lot of advice of what I could try in my classroom (that often worked) and just provided a listening ear for me. We connected right away, making it easy for me to ask anything and discuss pretty much anything with her without feeling silly.

More than all else, my mentor gave me the courage to try new things. She helped me to evaluate what strategies worked, and which ones were unsuccessful. Coming in as a new teacher, I felt confident in my abilities overall, but I was scared to fail. My mentor helped me to realize that most days are not easy, but the overall reward of being a teacher is amazing.

There were many times when knowing someone else had gone through similar experiences helped me keep things in perspective. I also really needed that extra support and guidance on days when I wasn't sure of myself. My mentor provided sound advice and practical solutions to questions.

She helped me further my differentiated instruction. I also received organizing strategies. She supported me and provided useful tips when conversing with a parent about possible learning disabilities regarding their child.

My mentor provided me with excellent feedback in regards to situations in my classroom. We developed a successful behavior plan for one of my students.

In answering, or searching for answers for my mentees, I was reminded of strategies I had left behind or found ones from colleagues that I was able to implement in my classroom. The people I mentored also had terrific ideas and enthusiasm that benefitted me. Their questions and concerns made me take a closer look at my own methods.

To me teaching is all about sharing the journey. Coming from a smaller school where there is only one teacher per grade level, that is not always easy to do. It was so wonderful to have some very special people to share ideas, best practices, problem solving, and just plain someone to share thoughts with...someone who truly understands the path that I walk. It was just so very awesome to be able to build strong friendships with such special people.

Being a part of the mentor program made me feel more supported and more confident as a beginning teacher, but I didn't receive any ideas that spurred major changes or improvements in my classroom. Not my mentor's fault--I liked her a lot.

In helping my mentee look at their needs, I re-evaluated some things that I do in my classroom. It made me stop and think about whether I do them out of habit or because they are good practice.

Working with new teachers always brings refreshing insight into the 4 "C"s":critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. My students benefit from the renewed energy I received from this collaborative experience.

Communicating virtually really takes a unique set of skills that I don't have down yet. I've mentored many new teachers, but found this experience very challenging.