• TTSN Mentor Teachers must have completed three full years of teaching experience as a certified teacher of record, with at least two of the experience years in a South Dakota school;
  • TTSN Mentor Teachers can be recently retired or currently teaching in a part-time position;
  • TTSN Mentor Teachers must have access to high-speed internet on a consistent basis;
  • TTSN Mentor Teachers must be invited to participate by TTSN Leadership.

Characteristics of the Effective Mentor:
  • Mentors need to ask the right questions of mentees. They do not merely provide the “right” answers all the time.
  • Mentors need to model principles of continuous learning and refection on their practice.
  • Mentors must have a willingness to invest time and energy in the professional development of their colleagues.
  • Mentors must possess high standards and expectations of their own abilities and the work of their colleagues.
  • Mentors must believe that mentoring is a mutually enhancing professional development opportunity in which both partners will achieve satisfaction from the relationship.

Characteristics of the Online TTSN Mentor:
  • Willingness to engage in web-based collaborative conversations that take place outside of the school building, across geographical boundaries (and time zones), and foster 21st Century teaching and learning.
  • Willingness to lead in the creation of an online community of learners, responding to changing needs of both participants and the program.

General TTSN Mentor Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with your assigned TTSN Supervision Team Member to productively resolve any mentor-related challenges.
  • Complete required paperwork and accountability forms to meet stated deadlines.
  • Model your ability to balance your own work and life responsibilities with your responsibilities for mentoring.
  • Model “best practices” and research-based teaching strategies for effective planning, teaching, classroom management, and assessment.
  • Provide suggestions to improve our mentor program.

Contractual TTSN Mentor Requirements:
· Communicate with assigned mentee(s) on a weekly basis. This communication MUST include BOTH one-to-one communication with assigned mentees AND active involvment in the assigned team discussions. It is expected that at least one hour online each week, per mentee, will be necessary for active program participation.
· Mentors will be required to complete accountability documents that will include a communication log for each assigned mentee. The communication log is in the form of an online survey and will be posted the first of each month. Mentors who are not assigned a mentee will complete the log, as well.
· NOTE: Specific requirements and responsibilities will be defined upon program entry. The online community does require high-speed internet access.

Program Payment:
· TTSN mentor teachers will receive a stipend (consulting fee) for successful completion of the contractual agreement for each assigned mentee. A mentor teacher will be assigned no more than two mentees, except in special circumstances.

  1. Full year mentors will receive a stipend of $500/mentee (Oct. - May.);
  2. Partial year mentors will receive a stipend of $350/mentee (Jan/Feb. - May);
  3. Mentor teachers who participate fully in the network, but do not have an assigned mentee, will receive a stipend of $200 (Jan/Feb. - May)

· Graduate credit will be available at minimum cost to active participants.