TTSN Is no longer accepting invitations for the 2009-2010 School Year

For information purposes - the nomination information was:

Invitation To Nominate New Mentor Teachers For Our Network!
We have funding for additional new teachers. Before we can invite additional new teachers, however, we need to find a few great new mentor teachers to supplement those already on board.
So – your assignment, if you choose to accept – is:
Consider your colleagues and acquaintances who meet the following eligibility criteria:

· TTSN Mentor Teachers must have completed three full years of teaching experience as a certified teacher of record, with at least two of the experience years in a South Dakota school;
· TTSN Mentor Teachers can be recently retired or currently teaching in a part-time position;
· TTSN Mentor Teachers must have access to high-speed internet on a consistent basis;
· TTSN Mentor Teachers must be invited to participate by TTSN Leadership.

If a colleague or acquaintance meets the eligibility criteria, then consider the following characteristics:

Characteristics of the Effective Mentor:

· Mentors need to ask the right questions of mentees. They do not merely provide the “right” answers all the time.
· Mentors need to model principles of continuous learning and refection on their practice.
· Mentors must have a willingness to invest time and energy in the professional development of their colleagues.
· Mentors must possess high standards and expectations of their own abilities and the work of their colleagues.
· Mentors must believe that mentoring is a mutually enhancing professional development opportunity in which both partners will achieve satisfaction from the relationship.

Characteristics of the Online TTSN Mentor:
· Willingness to engage in web-based collaborative conversations that take place outside of the school building, across geographical boundaries (and time zones), and foster 21st Century teaching and learning.
· Willingness to lead in the creation of an online community of learners, responding to changing needs of both participants and the program.

If you continue to believe that the teacher that you are thinking of is a great match for our program, then your next assignment is to:

Email Marlene with the nominees name, contact information (email and phone please), and a brief note about why you are nominating the person to be a mentor.
I will acknowledge your nomination and then I will contact the nominated teacher with further information about their roles/responsibilities, contract, etc.;
Myself and the Lead Team will make the decision about inviting them to be a mentor. (We will continue to match by grade/content area as closely as possible.)

NOTE: If you want to talk to them a bit about the network, please do so, remembering that you nominating them only and cannot make any promises about their involvement. We will continue to try to match our mentor/mentee teams as closely as possible to grade/content area., which will determine who is and who is not needed.

Also, if your nominated person is selected to be a mentor, we will ask that you assist them to get a fast start in the NING site. One of our challenges will be that we do not have funding/capacity for intensive orientation to the program and they will be entering mid-stream.