Teacher to Teacher Support Network (TTSN) Program Outline

SD TTSN (SD Teacher to Teacher Support Network) Goal:
· Establish an online network of educators who will advance teacher quality in the interest of student learning.

Program Partners and Funding Agencies:
· SD Department of Education. Office of Accreditation & Teacher Quality. Title IIa
· TIE – Dakota ASSETS federal grant

Teacher Quality Foundation Documents/Organizations:
· National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Core Propositions
· Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Online T2T Network
· The network consists of a Ning social network and associated wikispace. The network is developed, supervised, and maintained by program staff. http://sdt2tn.ning.com/.
· The network is open, available to educators who support the network goal and demonstrate professionalism in network communication.
· The network consists of both public and private discussion groups that are established by program staff.
· Participation is voluntary and not compensated.
· A select education leadership cadre provides online support within the network groups. This leadership cadre is selected by program coordinators and compensation is provided through partner funding.

How TTSN is accomplishing the overall goal:
· Network membership is open and relies on the professionalism of those who choose to join to maintain professional dialogue that is respectful of diverse views;
· The Grade Level Groups are the core of the network. Members determine the content of these groups through the discussions that they initiate and their involvement in their colleagues discussions;
· Through the initiated discussions, members share current educational challenges, insights, and successes;
· Discussions foster multiple perspectives about complex educational issues;
· Discussions foster reflective practice, both in the framing of discussions that are initiated and in the responses that are posted;
· Discussions foster continual dialogue about both the craft and the art of accomplished teaching;
· The network offers an opportunity for South Dakota educators to support one another’s efforts in a community of practice.

Additional educational perspectives that are needed:
· School administrators;
· State and district policy makers;
· Post-secondary educators, and
· Future educators.
Educating our children is a collaborative endeavor and we will be more successful when we honor, understand, and support one another’s’ role and efforts.

SD TTSN Coordinators:
· Lanette Johnston (SD DOE- OATQ) lanette.johnston@state.sd.us
· Marléne Rothermel (TIE) mrothermel@tie.net
· Debbie O’Doan (TIE - DakotaASSETS program network support) dodoan@tie.net